To-Go Program


Your To-Go Meal Kits include:

1 Reusable Clamshell

1 Reusable Cup & Lid

1 Set of Utensils (Fork, Knife & Spoon)

Please make sure to bring all your meal kit items to the dining hall each time you visit.

Used/soiled meal kits will be exchanged for a clean and sanitized set upon each entry into the dining hall.

*Note: To-Go meal kits will be in use as long as the campus remains in a to-go only status. If and when we are allowed to reopen for inside dining, you will be able to return the container, cup and utensils for a clean set, or you can request a Rain Check Card to be used at a later time so you no longer have to carry or store the meal kits.

Your first set of to-go meal kits are supplied free of charge. Should any portion of your meal kit become lost or damaged, there will be a $5.00 replacement charge for each of the 3 items.





To-Go Policy


  • Beverage containers are for drinks only and soup containers are for soups,cereals and desserts only.
  • Your to-go meal also includes a 20 oz beverage in the reusable cup, 2 cookies/desserts and one piece of hand fruit. 
  • There is a $5 replacement cost per unit for the clamshell, utensils or cup should they become damaged or lost. 
  • If you want to eat and then immediately return your meal kit items after you finish your meal, we can provide you with a raincheck for your next visit. This will eliminate the need for you to hold on to the kits until your next visit.


*Please note: UCI Dining is not responsible for spoilage or foodborne illness resulting from improper storage or handling of food by customers.