To-Go Program


Your To-Go Meal Kits include:

1 Reusable Clamshell

1 Reusable Cup & Lid

1 Set of Utensils (Fork, Knife & Spoon)

Please make sure to bring all your meal kit items to the dining hall each time you visit.

Used/soiled meal kits will be exchanged for a clean and sanitized set upon each entry into the dining hall.

*Note: You will be able to return the container, cup and utensils for a clean set, or you can request a Rain Check Card to be used at a later time so you no longer have to carry or store the meal kits.

Voluntary Meal Plan holders have the option to purchase a reusable meal kit to take their meals to-go from The Anteatery or Brandywine for a one-time fee of $15.00. There is a $5 replacement cost per unit for the reusable clamshell, or reusable cup should they become damaged or lost. 





To-Go Policy


A. Please inform your cashier at time of entry if you intend to take your meal to-go.

B. If you choose to take your meal to go, you will not be allowed to dine inside the facility.

C. Your to-go meal also includes a 16 oz. beverage in the reusable cup, 2 cookies/desserts and one piece of hand fruit.

D. The to-go box must be able to fully close as designed. Beverage containers are for drinks only and soup containers are for soups or desserts.

E. If you want to eat and then immediately return your meal kit items after you finish your meal, we can provide you with a raincheck for your next visit. This will eliminate the need for you to hold on to the kits until your next visit.


Please note: All meal plan holders are limited to (1) to-go meal per meal period. UCI Dining is not responsible for spoilage or food-borne illness resulting from improper storage or handling of food by customers. Abusing or not abiding by the dine in or to-go policies will forfeit involvement in the program.