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Here you will find important information about our flexible Meal Plan and dining offerings.


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We have two dining halls on campus, The Anteatery, which is located in Mesa Court, and Brandywine, which is located in Middle Earth. Both locations are all-you-care-to-eat with a wide variety of choices. Each meal on your UCI ID gives you one entry into any dining hall. There are 9 stations at Brandywine and 8 stations at The Anteatery to choose from! Anyone with a meal plan can eat at the dining halls.

If you do not have a meal plan and want to check it out, you can pay the door rate for that meal period.


Meal periods include breakfast, lunch, dinner, late-night and brunch on the weekends. Our dining halls serve American and International cuisines, a made-to-order grill, deli, salad bar and more. All entrées can be customized to fit your preference! Menus with allergen and other dietary information are available at: www.ucidining.com/LocationsAndMenus


All-you-care-to-eat cuisine, including sauté, Mongolian grill, fresh-baked pastries and other popular dishes.


All-you-care-to-eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with International entrées, grill, deli, salad bar and more. Dietary restrictions? Visit the True Balance (Compass) station and enjoy chef prepared menu offerings made without the top 9 allergens. Visit the dining halls to experience themed food events going on all quarter long. Pay the door rate with FlexDine, Zot Bucks, other forms of payment or swipe in with your UCI ID Card.





Getting your meal to go from The Anteatery or Brandywine? Take part in our Reusable To-Go Container and Cup program.


Your To-Go Meal Kits include:


1 Reusable Clamshell

1 Reusable Cup & Lid

1 Set of Utensils (Fork, Knife & Spoon)


Please make sure to bring all your meal kit items to the dining hall each time you visit.


Used/soiled meal kits will be exchanged for a clean and sanitized set upon each entry into the dining hall.


*Note: You will be able to return the container, cup and utensils for a clean set, or you can request a Rain Check Card to be used at a later time, so you no longer have to carry or store the meal kits.

Voluntary meal plan holders have the option to purchase a reusable meal kit to take their meals To-Go from the Anteatery or Brandywine for a one-time fee of $15.00. There is a $5.00 replacement cost per unit for the reusable clamshell, or reusable cup should they become damaged or lost.


 Please visit the to-go policy page for more information.




Dietary RestrictionsAramark and the American Heart Association

Our Executive Chefs at the Anteatery & Brandywine commons are available to assist students with dietary restrictions. You can ask a Manager or pick up a special request form at the Cashier station. We’re committed to providing you a broad selection of great tasting, healthy foods and beverages. Dine without restrictions, we have menu offering to meet your needs such as Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher, Halal and more. 




If you are interested in participating in these options or would like more information, please email dining@uci.edu or call Kelly Kuehnert. Our Programs include: Individual consultation with Food Service Directors, Chefs and Managers of UCI Dining and Individually prepared entrees upon request after an initial one-on-one consultation. Please visit the Kosher & Halal page for more information.




Here is a map of the different locations we have on campus convenience stores, cafes, dining halls and various eateries. On the Locations and Menus page each location displays the hours of operation. You can also use the filters at the top of the page to sort through location offerings. For the dining halls each menu is displayed each day by meal period. You can check the hours of operation for each location when you visit the Locations & Menus page



For mobile ordering we have 2 ordering systems on campus the first one is Grubhub, you can download the app to see the on-campus locations.  To begin ordering you would need to affiliate yourself with the campus. When you use the app if you have a meal plan you can use your FlexDine, Zots Bucks or a credit card at check out.


                                              Skip the Line with Grubhub


The second ordering system we have is starship Delivery, if you have never seen them, they are autonomous robots which can deliver food from our retail locations to anywhere on campus including the American Campus communities.  You can easily download the app at starship-uci.com or from your mobile app store. Ordering is simple, you order on the Starship app and a person loads the robot with your order and sends the robot on its way. You can even track the robot as it travels to you.


Starship Delivery Robots


Now Hiring


Students working on on campus locations

Looking for a way to make some extra money on campus? UCI Dining is hiring for all student positions. We have flexible shifts that are crafted around your class schedule. Apply today and see how working on campus can be a fun and rewarding opportunity!


For more information: https://food.uci.edu/employment/ send your completed application to diningjobs@uci.edu.





Feel free to message us on our accounts below @ucidining or email us at dining@uci.edu