Meal Plans FAQ's


Can I change my Housing Meal Plan?

Yes. Housing meal plans can be upgraded between 10/1/21 - 10/8/21 and become effective no later than 10/15/21. One additional  meal plan change may be made  (i.e., to a lower cost meal plan or to a higher cost meal plan) during the following period in Fall quarter (11/15/21 - 12/10/021.)  Meal plan changes will become effective 1/2/22.  No additional meal plan changes can be made during the Winter and Spring Quarter. Prior to the change window you will receive an email from UCI Housing with directions on how to make changes. Meal plan changes can only be made online from the UCI Housing homepage.


Do Housing Meal Plans carry over between quarters?


Meals are only available on a quarterly basis and do not roll over between quarters. Only guest meals and FlexDine roll over between quarters and both expire June 11, 2021.


Can I have both a Housing Meal Plan and a Voluntary Meal Plan?

Yes. If you would like to supplement your housing meal plan with additional meals, you are able to do so by purchasing a Voluntary Meal Plan. Please visit: to see our voluntary meal plan options.

How much do Housing Meal plans cost?

Housing Meal Plans are included as part of your housing contract. Any cancellation of the housing contract will result in suspension of your meal plan until your account status is updated. If your housing contract is canceled and you still desire to eat In the dining halls, you would need to purchase a voluntary meal plan at


Where can I get more information about Housing Meal Plans?


Please visit:


How do you accommodate those with food allergies and other special dietary needs?

Our Executive Chefs at both the Anteatery and Brandywine are always available and willing to assist students with dietary restrictions. We also have a True Balance station at Brandywine dedicated to avoiding the Top 7 allergens. Please email for more information and to schedule a meeting to discuss your Individual needs.


Can I get a refund on my meal plan if I change my mind?

Meal plans are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be changed except during the approved change dates listed above.


Do Voluntary Meal Plans carry over between quarters?

Yes. (all VMP plans excluding 7-Day and All Access) carry over between quarters and expire on June 2022. 7-Day and All Access expire at the end of each quarter and do not rollover between quarters. Meal plans are not transferable, and your UCI ID is required for all transactions and entries into the dining halls.

 How can I add FlexDine?

Please visit the “FlexDine” page on our campus dining website ( or stop by our main dining office located at G318 Student Center (3rd floor) to purchase additional FlexDine. We currently offer a $300 FlexDine plan or a $450 FlexDine plan for purchase.


How to I check my FlexDine/Zot Bucks balance?

If you would like to know you’re account balances, please ask the cashier at any of the UCI Dining campus locations or visit If you don’t have a Campus Dish account, you will need to create one to be able to gain access to the site to be able to check your balances.


Where can I use FlexDine on campus?

FlexDine dollars can be used at our 2 dining hall locations as well as at the many cafés, eateries and convenience stores across campus. FlexDine dollars are valid through June 10, 2022.


Is there an Installment payment plan available for Voluntary Meal Plans?

UCI Dining offers an EZ-payment option which you can sign up for online at The EZ payment plan is only available for the Voluntary 7-Day, All Access, 135 Plan and 85 Meal plans. Once you decide on a meal plan and complete the process, you would select the EZ-payment option and then finish your checkout. The payment plan is available for Fall, Winter and Spring quarters only. The plan consists of 3 payment installments made over a 3-month time period. The payments are due the 1st of every month until the plan is paid in full. See payment plan scheduler for more information.


Example: If you sign up for a plan on the Sept. 20th, you would make the 1st payment at the time of purchase. Your 2nd payment would then be due on Oct. 1st and your final payment due November 1st.


What if I lost my ID card?

UCI Dining can issue a temporary card for a $10.00 cash deposit. The temporary card will be valid for 3 days, allowing you time to get a replacement card. At the end of the 3 days, you must return the temporary card. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting your $10.00 cash deposit.