How do robots know where they’re going?
Most of the time the robots drive autonomously, using a mixture of computer vision and GPS to pinpoint their exact location to the nearest inch.

How does the robot not hit things?
The robot has obstacle detection. 12 cameras, ultrasonic sensors, radars, neural networks and more to detect obstacles, whether that’s a dog, a pedestrian/cyclist.

How fast does it go?
The robot travels at 4 mph.

Are they 100% Autonomous?
We aim for 99% autonomous operation. The robots can be monitored remotely by a human who can take control at any time.

How much does the robot weigh?
45 pounds.

How much can the robot carry?
Around 20 pounds.

Where is the company based?
Starship is an American company headquartered in San Francisco. The robots are manufactured in Estonia.

How much does a delivery cost?
The delivery price is $2.49.

How do you ensure sanitary deliveries?
The robots are cleaned and sanitized before every delivery.

Are they environmentally friendly?
Starship’s robots are safe and green and 100% electric.