What is Grubhub+ Student?
Grubhub+ Student is a limited-time free membership program for college students who are affiliated with select universities through Grubhub Campus Dining.

What are the benefits of Grubhub+ Student?
Students receive unlimited free delivery on orders of $12+ from eligible off-campus restaurants, special member Perks and donation matching .

How does it work?
When students connect their campus card in the Grubhub app, they will be asked to opt into a free Grubub+ Student membership. By selecting “I want in!”, they will activate their membership. No credit card required.

Are there any exceptions?
No! All university students at contracted campuses will be eligible to receive GH+ Student for free when they connect their campus card.

How do students join?
1.Download the Grubhub app and create an account
2. Tap “Account” → “Campus Dining” → Select Campus
3. Input their campus card information (to prove they’re a student!)
4. Follow the prompts to activate their free Grubhub+ Student account

How long is this applicable for?
Students receive Grubhub+ Student for free once they connect their campus card in the app and opt into Grubhub+ Student. They will receive a free membership ($9.99 market value) until graduation.

What happens to their account when they graduate?
Upon graduation, students will be prompted to select “Leave Campus Dining”. Their Grubhub app will now feature the typical app interface and not the campus restaurants anymore. This will also trigger the end of their free GH+ Student membership. Students' accounts will continue to work, and they have the option to sign up for Grubhub+ for $9.99 per month.

Do students need to use their campus card dollars to be eligible?
No. Students can use their campus card dollars, a credit card or debit card and still receive the benefits of Grubhub+ Student.

Who should students contact if they’re having issues receiving this benefit?
If students are having issues with their GH+ Student membership, please have them contact the Grubhub Care team.

How can students tell if a restaurant is a GH+ restaurant?
GH+ restaurants are indicated in the app with a yellow GH+ Flag. Students can also sort by GH+ restaurants at the top of the app. When checking out, there will be a line item that says “Grubhub+ Free delivery”.

If students already have a Grubhub account, how do they get GH+ Student?
1.Tap “Account” → “Campus Dining” → Select Campus
2.Input campus card information (to prove they’re a student!)
3. Follow the prompts to activate their free Grubhub+ Student account

Do students need to create a new Grubhub account with University email credentials?
No. As long as students connect their campus card to the Grubhub account they want to use, they will be able to activate their GH+ Student membership.